Doggie Daycare & Boarding in Newberg


At Pawsitively Playful, your canine friend will have plenty of opportunities for play. With our custom rolled rubber flooring, you won’t have to worry about your best friend slipping on concrete, or unnecessary stress on his/her joints. Dog daycare in Newberg is something this town has needed for awhile, and we are pleased to play a part in offering Doggie Daycare Boarding in Newberg.

Pawsitively Playful Doggie Daycare in Newberg is looking forward to caring for your pet while you are away. 


If you need to go away, and can’t take your dog, Pawsitively Playful will provide them with the an environment that will feel just like home. All our boarding includes daycare, (Passing the daycare evaluation required). You will not find any hidden fees, or extra charges at Pawsitively Playful. All of our guests are on camera and also have a couch or recliner to relax on while they watch animal planet, or their favorite show. 

Videos and/or music play during the night to help relax all the boarding guests.

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